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Deer Avoidance System Installation

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Find a location behind the grill or on the chassis where the Hornet can be mounted in a forward direction at a 45 degree angle to the road surface, preferably on a metal surface which is grounded.

deer whistle installation

2. Locate an existing hole or drill a hole to accommodate the hole in the mounting bracket. Using the screws lock washers and nuts provided, or a self-tapping metal screw, mount the S-120 at a 45 degree angle to the road surface. The mounting bracket can easily be adjusted to achieve a 45 degree angle. IMPORTANT: The Hornet will not function properly if mounted parallel to road surface. Also, mounting in a parallel line with road surface, the Hornet sonic generator may be damaged by rain, water, or road debris.

3. If the surface that the Hornet is mounted to is not a vehicle ground, remove the black wire from the terminal and attach to a grounded surface.

4. Mount the dash control switch in a convenient location.

deer whistle installation

5. Connect the power lead wire from the switch to parking lights fused circuit. OPTIONAL: Power lead wire may be connected to any other fused circuit, such as radio, etc.

6. Route the red power feed wire to the Hornet and the dash mounted switch, using care to avoid hot surfaces or jagged edges. Use the wire ties provided.

NOTE: If the Hornet is wired with reversed polarity it will not operate.



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