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How it works

Deer Avoidance System Operation

The Hornet Deer Avoidance Device is a precision tuned sonic generator which produces a high pitched, directional sonic wave. When this wave is reflected from the road surface of a moving vehicle, a virtual sonic echo effect is produced. This sonic wave has proven its ability to alert deer and most other animals to approaching vehicles with sufficient warning to avoid costly accidents.

The use of the Hornet, along with driver awareness, has been proven to reduce the risk of animal/vehicle collision by more than 70%. The electronically produced sonic wave is effective at any vehicle speed. The Hornet Deer Avoidance Device is your best protection from vehicle damage and deadly animal related accidents.


The unit may be used at any time, although the high frequency sound wave may be irritating to some people in cities and congested areas. Therefore, we recommend using the Hornet primarily in high risk areas and open roads. The sonic wave will seem to vary in strength and intensity. This effect is due to several reasons. The sonic wave produced by the Hornet is at the cusp of most people's hearing range. Therefore, only a portion of the signal is heard. As a person walks or turns their head, the wave will appear to increase and decrease, or even stop. This is normal.


What To Expect From An Animal When Your System Is On

Deer have an acute sense of hearing. They are also a highly unpredictable, skittish animal. Their normal reaction to an unfamiliar sound is to stop, look and listen to determine if they are being threatened. Your Hornet Deer Avoidance Device will cause the deer to become aware of your approaching vehicle. The sound waves created by this device are semi-directional. Therefore, the primary awareness is in a forward direction. Deer and other animals will react by carefully watching your approaching vehicle. They will not necessarily run from an approaching sound, therefore you should always be alert and drive with caution, specifically in high risk areas.

In parks many deer have become somewhat domesticated and are very used to people and vehicles. Therefore extra caution should be used when driving through these areas. A deer in these areas may not react to the Hornet.



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