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There is no other product like The Hornet. The Hornet is the only effective device for avoiding costly and deadly deer related accidents. To obtain an understanding of this unique product, you first must understand how deer will react to it and why.

Deer have an acute sense of hearing. They are also a highly skittish animal. Their normal reaction to an unfamiliar sound is to stop, look and listen to determine if they are being threatened. Visualize walking through the woods; if there is a deer 1,000 feet away from you and you happen to step on a dry twig, the normal reaction of the animal is to stop, look and listen. If you happen to be running towards the deer, the deer will start to run for safety. If you relate The Hornet to stepping on that twig and your vehicle being you running towards the deer, this is the basic reason The Hornet works. Deer and other animals will react to The Hornet by carefully watching or running as your vehicle approaches. The Hornet is not magic. To obtain the maximum effectiveness, you must realize The Hornet by itself may not necessarily make the animal run. As an example, if you were to park your vehicle with a herd of deer in front of you and turn The Hornet on, you may or may not find a reaction. Therefore, to obtain the maximum effectiveness from The Hornet, you must understand the basics. We recommend you read the frequently asked questions about The Hornet and realize installing a Hornet on your vehicle is essentially no different than using a radar detector. The very best radar detector will not prevent you from getting a speeding ticket unless you use it with common sense.

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