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Deer Whistle | V- Series Hornet

The V series Hornets come with a 4’ pigtail and a 3.5mm plug which connects via a new weather tight connector to a new wiring harness. The new automotive wiring harness with a length of 10' is complete with an inline fuse and does not require drilling a hole in the firewall for the control switch. The combined total length of the new 10' automotive wiring harness and the 4' pigtail wire connected to the V series, equals a whopping 14' which makes installation a breeze. The most unique feature of the automotive V series Hornets is that the wiring harness does not carry power. The automotive V series switches the ground so a short circuit can never occur. This enables the wiring harness to be wrapped around and through the door jam, without a possibility of a short circuit. The V series motorcycle harness also utilizes the new weather tight 3.5mm plug. The V series motorcycle wiring harness also incorporates a redesigned switch housing for easy installation.



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