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Drivers Can Avoid Potentially Deadly Deer Collisions

CALGARY, November 9, 2004 -- Motorists on Alberta's rural roads should be extra careful this time of year.  November to mid-December is mating season for deer, which means the risk of hitting one of the animals is much greater.

Crashes involving deer usually mean a dead animal, damaged vehicles, and in repeat cases, higher insurance premiums.  But sometimes the consequences are much worse.  Each year, dozens of people are killed in the xxx deer collisions on Canada's highways.

There are many ways to avoid a run-in with a deer.  Police recommend driving the speed limit, leaving plenty of space ahead of your vehicle and keeping your eyes peeled at dawn and dusk, when deer like to graze along roadways.

There are also several products on the market to increase your safety - some more effective than others.  'The Hornet' Deer Avoidance System is proving successful in reducing deer collisions by 70%.  The independently-tested electronic system mounts on the front of a car, tractor-trailer or motorcycle, drawing a low amount of power from the vehicle's battery.  It emits a high-frequency, ultra-sonic wave that bounces off the roadway and is projected up to 1 km away.  'The Hornet' is distributed exclusively in Canada by a home-grown Alberta business. 

Many motorists buy air-fed deer whistles, which are attached to a car's bumper.  But in 2002, an independent study at the University of Connecticut found the small plastic devices to be ineffective.  Researchers discovered deer are not capable of hearing the signal it emits.  Further studies show the whistles produce no sound unless vehicles are travelling over 80 km per hour. The Hornet does not rely on wind speed. 

'The Hornet' is currently being tested by two major Alberta trucking companies, with positive results.  In the U.S.., it is endorsed by police, EMS and major insurers.

For more information about deer collisions, and 'The Hornet' Deer Avoidance System, contact Dan Luft, President, GlenRohe Distributors at (780) 989-7665.



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