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The Hornet - The Ultimate Deer Avoidance System

Deer kill more people and are responsible for more property damage than any other animal in the U.S.A.

Every year there are more than 1.5 million reports of automobile collision with deer. This staggering number accounts for more than a billion dollars in insurance claims annually. The Hornet deer whistle deer avoidance system, used with driver awareness, will reduce your risk of hazardous animal/vehicle collision by more than 70%.
Deer kill more people and are responsible for more property damage than any other animal in the U.S.A.

The Hornet deer whistle is a precision tuned sonic generator that produces a high pitched directional sonic wave. When this wave is reflected off the road surface from a moving vehicle, a virtual sonic echo effect is produced. This sonic wave has demonstrated the ability to alert deer and most other animals of approaching vehicles with sufficient warning to avoid vehicle contact. The Hornet deer whistle is perfect for:

- Cars - Protects you and your loved ones
- Trucks - Minimize costly down time for repairs
- Motorcycles - Reduce risk of personal injury and damage
- RVs - Don't have your vacation ended early

The Hornet Employs the Latest Military Technology to Clear Your Way

The Hornet is your best protection against costly and deadly animal related accidents. Using the latest military technology from the field of high pitched, directional sonic bombardment, the Hornet's precision turned sonic generator alerts deer and other animals of your approach well before they can see or hear your vehicle. Proprietary wave variance tuning enables the sonic impulse to carry long distances. The Hornet is endorsed by major insurance companies and is used by police and emergency vehicles nationwide with millions of proven road miles. Proven effective at any speed, the Hornet is electronically powered and does not rely on wind or air flow.

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